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We breed teacup Silver and White Persians 

offering a selection of Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Silver

and White Persian kittens and adults


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Welcome to Purse Persians 

Offering Exquisite Kittens For You To Adore

Producing elite, Chinchilla, Shaded Silver, and Blue eyed White, petite CFA accredited Persian kittens !                                                                    
Shimmering Chinchilla kittens

Dazzling white blue eyed kittens 

Glimmering shaded silver kittens
Appear to be pristine white            

 Are pure white with silver sparkle at the very tip               Angelic faces and eyes            

 FIV. FeLV, PKD, Ringworm free Cattery

At Purse Persians, we are devoted to making sure your beloved kitten is showered with attention from the time they are born ensuring that they are happy and healthy.  We have taken great care in designing our cattery to revolve around enriching your kitten with appropriate care and play in the company of their siblings and playmates. Our cattery allows our Doll Faced Persians to interact and exercise freely with our watchful eyes and attentive care.  We are a small, family owned and operated, veterinarian approved, CFA licensed Persian Cattery located in a small Michigan community. We go to great lengths to select resplendent, petite breeders with playful and affectionate dispositions. All of our pint-sized, jewel-eyed cats are loving members of our family.


Purse Persians a CFA registered Michigan Cattery offering purse-sized - 

Doll Faced Persian Kittens

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