​​Atelier Claire      Doll-faced Chinchilla Persian.
Atelier is a petite Chinchilla Persian. She has a draping, flowy white coat that’s as soft as a cloud.

One could be mesmerized by her expressive aquamarine eyes.

She is spunky and energetic, always social with the other cats and with any new person she meets!  

             Breeder Persians
               Bellas / Dams  and   Beaus / Sires

Charmeur    Doll-faced Blue Eyed White Persian

Charmeur’s eyes are stunning. They encapture all who see him with their cornflower hue.

He doesn’t possess the same dark lining as some of his friends because he is a true white persian.

Charmeur is an unusually gentle and amiable cat.

He is a true lap cat. His alabaster fur never tangles, and it grows softly and wispy,

almost a physical metaphor of his gentle and approachable nature  

Elyseé     Doll-faced blue eyed White Persian.
Elyseé is a social butterfly, she adores attention and loves to sit on your lap and be pampered. It seems as though she is constantly purring. Her most divine feature, in all her beauty, are her sapphire, twinkling eyes.

Madeleine Vionnet    Doll-faced Shaded Silver Persian.

Madeleine is a petite shaded silver Persian.

She carries herself like a regal princess; she even prances when she walks! She embodies luxury.

This is particularly prevalent in the teardrop shape and jade hue of her eyes

Beaus (Our Daddies):

Xavier Laurent     Doll-faced White Chinchilla Persian.

Xavier is a petite Chinchilla Persian. He is the foundation of our cattery, coming from the most exemplary German breeding lines. He is so gentle and docile, he is protective over the mommies in the cattery, always kissing them and sitting in front of them like a bodyguard. He possesses the richest Cerulean eyes, with dark eyeliner and mascara

The cornerstone of Purse Persians:

View our Bellas &  Beaus
Our Bellas and Beaus come from Grand Champion blood lines

and are all of great beauty, while managing to be distinctly different

Bellas  (Our Mommies) :

Giselle Enchanté    Doll-faced White Chinchilla Persian

Gisele is a teacup Chinchilla Persian.

She is dainty and petite with a silky, luxurious coat and tail.

She loves to cuddle and play with her friends. Her crown features are her glimmering, aqua eyes,

magnificently outlined with coal eyeliner and mascara. 

This is a feature exclusive to silver and golden Persians