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Caring For Your Purse Persian Kitten:
When your precious kitten comes into your life, it can be a bit daunting wanting to take care of him or her to the best of your ability, but not knowing all of where to start. So, we at Purse Persians  have devised some tips to take the pressure off of caring for your kitten so you can focus on what's important: loving, playing, and bonding. Coming into this world, your kitten weighs just a few teeny ounces and is very delicate. It can seem as though everything surrounding your baby is a possible injury. As a breeder, in the first month of your kitten’s life, it is my first priority to ensure that he or she is kept warm and dry and always has clean bedding. It takes almost two weeks before the baby’s eyes open, and up to that point and for at least two more afterwards, the kitten’s time is spent under the doting attention of their mother, developing a sense of smell.  Around four to five weeks, kittens begin to venture outside the warmth of their mother’s company and begin integrating dry kibble into their diet-still paired with their mother’s milk, of course. Around eight weeks, the mother cat begins teaching the kittens how to use the litter box, which to them is just an unexplored sandbox! With this exploration of foreign land, your kitten will experiment with its surroundings by nibbling at its litter. Because of this, all natural (think corn-based) litter is essential in the first six months. Migrating to the litter box is also an essential function of your kitten’s exploration of social skills. With the blossoming of the kitten’s interest in friend-making, we begin to play and interact with the kittens, which lays the foundation for a well socialized and playful kitten who is well adjusted to receiving attention from humans, and will come to seek it out independently. By ten to twelve weeks, the kitten is usually ready for their forever home. They are eating, drinking, and using the litter box independently. When your kitten arrives, he or she will weigh approximately one and a half to two pounds, and while they’ve come a long way, they still have much growing and exploring to do. With this in mind, we at Purse Persians have taken special attention since our founding to hand pick the best products for your growing Doll-Faced Petite Kitten, from the time you meet him or her to the time they are an adult! In the page below, you will find our most trusted products; essentials that we have relied on to ensure the health, well-being, and general upkeep of our mommies, daddies, and litters of kittens.

These are the supplies used to keep up with

the Bellas, Beaus, and kittens at Purse Persians

            NuVet Plus Cat Supplements

​Stainless Steel Comb

​ThermaPet Self Warmer

Turbo Scratcher  Cat & Kitten Toys

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

Royal Canin Kitten Food​

Litter Robot Self-Scooping Litter Box

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